You can contact us via DIscord, we don’t check tickets created on the website unfortunately →




Paid but got no product

If u didn’t received your product there are 2 possible options. If u used PayPal, u probably didn’t sent the payment via F&F or didn’t sent the exact amount like mentioned at the checkout. Don’t worry, we will refund u in that case & u can create a new order & send the payment the right way then. If u used crypto then u probably sent the wrong amount or u just need to wait that your transaction has enough confirmations on the blockchain. U can create a ticket in our Discord Server if u sent the wrong amount.

Where can I see the product status?

U can see it in our Discord server . There’s a channel called „🚦STATUS“.

I got kicked from the discord server

U need to verify. We have a bot wich kicks every member who don’t verify within 30 minutes. We made this to get rid of bots spamming our members.

I need help with a product

If u need help with one of our products u can create a ticket in our Discord Server. We don’t look into Tickets created on this Website unfortunately.


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